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Dry Rot and Fungus Wood Repair

If you’re dealing with damaged wood from a termite infestation, dry rot, or other fungi, don’t worry. Our team at United Termite Control provides comprehensive wood repair services to restore the structural integrity of your home or business. We either fill in damaged portions with a strong epoxy on minimally damaged pieces of wood; or we replace entire sections with new, durable timbers. With our skilled wood repair work, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing the supporting timbers in your house aren’t compromised.

Dry Rot and Fungus Repair in San Marcos, CA

Dry Rot and Fungus Repair

Dry rot is wood decay caused by a certain type of fungus that leaves the wood weak and brittle. This fungus spreads easily with minimal moisture and can be very difficult to eradicate, causing significant problems with the structural integrity of your home or business.

At United Termite Control, the structural integrity of your home is our top priority. If you’re dealing with dry rot, our team will first assess the extent of the issue and work to halt the spread of dry rot. From there, we’ll assess the best method for repairing dry rot. Sometimes we can repair areas that are minimally damaged with wood filler patches, restoring their structural integrity. This process involves scraping out damaged wood and filling in with a strong epoxy. Other times we will need to replace sections of wood with new, structurally sound wood.

Termite-Damaged Wood Repair in San Marcos, CA

Termite-Damaged Wood Repair

Termites can be an extremely destructive force if they get into your home or business, eating away at structural wood, floors, door frames, window sills, and more. Termites cost property owners in the U.S. around five billion dollars each year in repairs, with an average cost of a few thousand dollars for each property affected.

At United Termite Control, we provide wood repair for wood damaged by termites. Once we eradicate a termite colony, we can assess the extent of the damage and get to work either repairing the wood with strong epoxies or replacing sections of wood with new, structurally sound pieces.

Preventing Dry Rot and Fungus

The best way to take care of the structural integrity of your home or business is to prevent damage to begin with. One way to do this is to eliminate moisture in your home. Although it’s called dry rot, any type of fungus requires moisture to survive, growing and spreading in the right conditions. If you have a leak in your attic, drips from pipes, or a poorly ventilated bathroom, you may be fostering an environment that’s ripe for dry rot. Locating the source of condensation or moisture is a good way to head off dry rot in the long run.

Simply cut off the source of moisture and allow the wood to dry out completely.

You can also utilize borate chemicals to treat wood to repel brown rot and white rot fungi, which cause dry rot. This process requires soaking the wood completely with a borate solution, then letting it dry out. This allows the borate to penetrate the fibers of the wood, helping prevent fungus and mold growth.

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