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No Gas, No Move Out,
…and Pet Friendly!

(Alternatives to fumigation)

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Full-Service Termite Control Company In North County San Diego

United Termite Control is a full-service termite company specializing in local treatments, fumigation, and termite wood repair. It is our goal to provide “The best service, at the best price.” What makes United Termite Control different from other termite control companies is that we only specialize in termite control. This specialization allows us to focus all our efforts into providing the most effective termite treatment methods available. This means that we will be able to give you an honest opinion on whether local treatments or tenting will work best for your situation.


We offer timely, escrow-specific termite inspections. Within just a day or two, we can get you rush service termite inspection reports so you can get on with closing the deal.


TermidorSC combined with Foam Method is at the forefront of modern termite control technology.
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Subterranean termite control methods all revolve around creating a chemical barrier.
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Highly skilled, licensed professionals whose main concern is the structural integrity of your home.
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Realtor? Buying or selling a home? We offer timely termite inspections to help you close the deal.
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